Community Needs Assessment Trainings

The NACG, thanks to the support of the New York Life Foundation, developed a webinar series on Need Assessments. We partnered with Omni, experts in this area, to develop training specifically created for organizations serving bereaved children who are seeking to understand community needs and the resources required to meet them. This Needs Assessment training series provides a comprehensive learning experience, empowering participants with the essential skills and knowledge to effectively conduct needs assessments and leverage the resulting data for informed decision-making and program development. This training was developed in response to a request from professionals for support in creating needs assessments and gap analysis in reviewing past Grief Reach Grants. This training is available at no charge to all community-based childhood bereavement professionals.

What is a needs assessment?

“A needs assessment helps you determine what needs to be accomplished to reach your project goals. This assessment of needs then informs a project’s overall plan and approaches by helping you identify targeted strategies and prioritize resources. Needs assessments serve as incredibly powerful tools for decision making, resource allocation, and ultimately reaching programmatic goals.” (NICHQ)

Training Outline

The Needs Assessment training series is meticulously designed to equip participants with a solid foundational understanding to successfully engage in and complete an initial needs assessment process. Comprised of three comprehensive sessions, this training aims to provide a holistic knowledge base while facilitating the application of concepts through interactive components, discussion topics, and practical exercises.

During the first session, participants delve into the essential components of a needs assessment, exploring the ‘Why,’ ‘Who,’ ‘What,’ and ‘How’ of the process, emphasizing the purpose and benefits for key stakeholders involved in programming. The subsequent two sessions further explore the intricacies of the ‘What’ and ‘How’ aspects, delving into practical steps and techniques required for a comprehensive needs assessment. The final training session demonstrates how the gathered data from the needs assessment can effectively enhance program planning.

Concrete examples are shared throughout each session to illustrate key concepts and ways to apply newfound knowledge through shared tools, templates, and resources centered around the needs assessment process.

Learning Objectives

  • Increase understanding of the purpose, benefits, and step-by-step approach involved in conducting a needs assessment.
  • Enhance knowledge and skills in data collection, gaps analysis, and interpretation, thereby strengthening the ability to execute effective needs assessment processes.
  • Develop proficiency in utilizing needs assessment data for prioritization and more strategic program planning, resulting in implementing more impactful initiatives.

How It Works

Watch the playbacks for the three webinars below. The tools shared in each of the trainings are linked below and on the playback page. All those who intend to apply for a Grief Reach grant at any time in the future are encouraged to view this series.  These playbacks and resources will be available on an ongoing basis on the NACG website.

Watch the playbacks

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Session #3: Using Data to Refine Program Strategies and Secure Funding

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