Centering Intersectionality Within the Field of Childhood Bereavement


It is commonly believed that grief is different for everyone and that we should not compare one child’s grief to another’s. Why can grief differ so much from one child to another, even within the same family system? When a child experiences a death loss, adults in their system may attribute a child’s thoughts and […]

2023 National Conference and Webcast: Supporting Children & Families Following an Overdose Death

Roberta's House 928 E North Ave, Baltimore, MD

To view the main page for National Conference & Webcast and to register for a webcast license, visit HERE. The National Alliance for Children’s Grief will host our annual National Conference & Webcast on March 21, 2023.  This popular event will this year feature Eleanor Haley, MS, and Litsa Williams, MA, LCSW-C, co-founders of the online grief […]

Occupational Therapy’s Role in Supporting Children’s Grief: Tools, Sensory Strategies, and When to Refer


When children experience a stressful life event, their nervous systems can have difficulty regulating. Children exhibit grief reactions in various ways that may present similarly to sensory and emotional dysregulation. Occupational therapists can partner with families to provide a holistic mental health approach. This presentation will address the role and benefit of occupational therapy, mental […]