Grief Reach Grants

Grief Reach Cycle 2 – 2024

Capacity Building

Open June 17 to July 29, 2024 at 8pm ET.
Grants awarded October 2024

Submission Information

This grant opportunity is open for applications through July 29, 2024, at 8pm ET.

Please note: This cycle will have a dedicated focus on supporting only organizations whose most recent fiscal actuals are less than $150,000.  Please check for future cycle announcements if this does not apply to you.

  • For more information, please view the Request for Proposal here.
  • Download the GANTT Chart here.
  • Download a sample application. This is for preview purposes only and is not an official application. Application link will be sent to eligible applicants. Please note the application link will be sent once your eligibility is confirmed.
  • For this grant, we will be using a grief reach eligibility form to determine eligibility to apply. This is to ensure that you do not invest time in completing a full application if you do not qualify. Please click HERE to determine your grant application. Once eligibility has been determined, you will be given access to the complete application.

Application Resources:


Please direct additional inquiries to Megan Lopez at the National Alliance for Children’s Grief at

Capacity Building Grants:

All grants are 1-year opportunities and multiple grant amounts are included in this RFP. Each program will only be eligible to apply to one of these grant opportunities. Grants are competitive.

The breakdown of available grants is as follows:

We encourage you to look at what your community needs to better serve the children who are grieving locally. What innovative programming do you want to start or what innovative programming are you currently doing that needs to be expanded?  Innovation, for reference to this grant, means what out-of-the-box thinking you need in your community to best serve kids. Maybe you need to provide programming on the weekends, or in a community space, think about the specific makeup of your community and see how you can adjust your programming to fit the needs.

Funds to enhance organizational capacity, development of an organization’s infrastructure, capabilities, and overall effectiveness. The focus will strengthen the core capacities of the organization, rather than funding specific programs or services.

The grant must support 1 of 6 major categories:

  • Organization Development/Planning activities: organizational assessments; strategic planning; fund development; communications/marketing; recruiting or maintaining volunteer support; business planning.
  • Staff/board development: leadership training; defining the role of the board; recruitment of new board members; strengthening governance.
  • Strategic relationships/collaboration: technical assistance; consultant support; restructuring; mergers; or business planning
  • Internal operations: improvements to financial management, human resources, or volunteer management; development of evaluation systems and training; facility planning.
  • Technology & Infrastructure: improving IT capacity through upgrades to hardware and software; networking; updating websites; and staff training to optimize use of technology.
  • Evaluation Assessment

Grief Reach Grants Timeline:

June 17

Application Opens

June 21 at 2pm ET

Grief Reach Q&A

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July 22
1pm ET

Final Questions Call
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July 29
8pm ET

Application Closes

For additional information, please view the Request for Proposal (RFP) or use the link below to complete the eligibility form.


About Grief Reach:

This grant program began in 2011 as a partnership between the National Alliance for Children’s Grief and the New York Life Foundation. The goals are to:

  • Increase access to bereavement support services in local communities, especially diverse communities
  • Enhance the capacity of organizations providing bereavement support service
  • Expand bereavement support services to address unmet needs
  • Support communities dealing with grief and loss with tangible resources.