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The process of planning a funeral is a multifaceted endeavor involving significant considerations such as cultural traditions, accessibility, religious/ spiritual beliefs, communities, and the ability to derive meaning from the experience (Causadias et al., 2022). It is imperative to create an age-appropriate, death-positive conversation which can then expand participation to include often marginalized communities such as: BIPOCC, LGBTQIA, individuals, and children who are neurodiverse. Understanding contemporary funeral care practices can help make it easier to advocate for the inclusion of children in funeral planning, which can reduce psychopathology among children and adolescents (Becker et al, 2021; Causadias et al, 2022; McCaughan et al, 2021). Walsh’s Family Resilience Theory supports including children in funeral rituals as it can help instill stronger familial and community relationships. Recognizing and addressing children’s emotional needs in the context of death and loss is a pivotal step toward promoting a healthier grieving process. Embracing a more inclusive and compassionate approach to funeral planning can help ensure that all individuals and communities can participate and find solace in the process.

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