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Are you afraid of tweens? There seems to be a universal belief that they are a bit of an anomaly. They lie in this no man’s land between child and teen. Their peers are the mirror they hold up to themselves and so is society and social media. The adolescent is trying to discover who they are as an individual while fiercely craving to fit in with their cohorts. Grief is a deeply personal and complex emotional process that can profoundly impact adolescents’ lives, relationships, and academic performance. When you combine the awkwardness of being a tween and grief, you’ve got a recipe for a complicated population of grievers. By gaining a better understanding of the unique challenges faced by grieving middle schoolers, we can offer the support and resources to help them navigate through this difficult journey. This presentation identifies the developmental and social factors that come into play for adolescents and how those may impact peer support group dynamics. Participants have the opportunity to integrate this knowledge into action by practicing activities that can foster engagement and connection among tweens in peer support groups.

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