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Understanding Grief

Grief is a natural and highly personalized response to a loss. Children can and do experience grief even if they are too young to understand what they are feeling and why. Grief is not something that we can take away from a child, rather, it is something that we must experience alongside and with them.

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Toolkits for Every Occasion

Although there is no predetermined roadmap for grief, there are ways you can support a child when they are grieving. These toolkits highlight some of the unique ways children may experience grief and ways to best support them in their grief.

How to Talk About Grief

When a child is grieving, they may feel alone and isolated even when surrounded by others. Talking with your child about what they are thinking and feeling is a great way to let them know you see them and that you are there to support them.

Facing the Holidays: NACG Holiday Toolkit

This holiday toolkit is provided with the hopes it will provide ideas and inspiration for families to celebrate loved ones, those present, and those who have died. We hope together your family will create conversations and activities to honor the holiday season and your loved ones.

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Explore Support Centers and Summer Camps!

There may be times while grieving when you and your child may want or need additional support. There are people and programs that are skilled in providing services that can offer your family support as you navigate your grief.

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