Children’s Bereavement Center Rio Grande Valley (McAllen)

Children’s Bereavement Center Rio Grande Valley (McAllen)

The Carriage House

Eucalyptus Tree Program

Hosparus Health Grief Counseling Center

Hosparus Health Grief Counseling Center provides support to anyone in the community coping with a loss due to death. Our program of support includes individual and family counseling, peer-centered support groups, and education programs and events. We believe grief is a normal, expected, and adaptive response to loss. It is also deeply personal, individual, and unique. That you grieve is not a choice. But how you grieve, is! We specialize in helping those coping with loss to create their own unique path forward.

Camp Evergreen, September 29-October 1, 2023

This annual weekend retreat is offered to bereaved families with children, ages 6-18. We define family however you do. We recommend this program for those who are no sooner than 2 months and no further than 2 years from the date of death. This program is hosted at Country Lake Retreat Center, as short 30-minute drive from Louisville. Registration is required for this one-of-a-kind experience.

Healing Hearts Grief Camp

Alamogordo Public Schools Health Services has presented the Healing Hearts Grief camp for the last 2 years. Healing Hearts Grief camp is a 4-day day camp focused on providing a supportive environment for grieving students in Otero county, New Mexico while focusing on activities which educate students on healthy coping skills

Camp Good Days & Special Times

We have 3 office locations and also the recreational camp facility. Headquarters is located in Rochester, NY; there is a Syracuse, NY office and the Western New York Office and we offer year-round programming at each of these 3 locations.

Camp Erin- DC Camp Forget-Me-Not

Camp Erin- Tacoma

Camp Erin- Seattle