Data and Evaluation Training Series: Program Evaluation Basics

Data and Evaluation Training Series: Program Evaluation Basics

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This session is part of the Data and Evaluation Training Series, to view the other sessions:

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Given limited resources and stretched capacity, data collection procedures and program evaluation strategies at the individual program level often fall short in terms of identifying gaps in service, areas for growth, and program impact. Today, philanthropic giving demands a quantifiable return on investment in exchange for donations and grants. Combining nearly 20 years of experience in designing bereavement-focused evaluation protocols with the power of the CBEM, with philanthropic support provided by the New York Life Foundation and in collaboration with the National Alliance for Children’s Grief (NACG), Judi’s House/JAG Institute offers a series of free trainings to share best practices in data collection and program evaluation. This workshop on Evaluation Basics will provide key information on what evaluation is and how participants can begin evaluating their programs. Presenters will discuss the purpose of evaluation, how it helps organizations in reaching goals, and why it’s important. The workshop will outline the two basic types of evaluation, what questions they answer, and what considerations should be made as organizations begin to evaluate. Presenters will review the core steps in conducting evaluation so participants will walk away with clear next steps for how to integrate evaluation into practice.

Considerations for Collecting and Interpreting Information to Improve Service Delivery During COVID 19