Preparing to Host


A note from the NACG: We are delighted you are considering hosting a webcast of the NACG National Conference and Webcast.  Community collaboration is critical to succeeding in our shared goal that no child grieves alone, and this event is intended to support you in making and continuing these conversations.  As you plan your event, consider adding opportunities for dialogue and relationship-building between your attendees. The event will appeal to a diverse audience, including professionals from funeral service, hospice care, health care, education, mental health, child welfare, and bereavement support.

Where to Start:

  • Purchase your webcast license. March 12th is the last day to purchase.(Link here)
    • Not a member? Now is a great time to join. NACG annual membership starts as low as $100. We would love to have you join us. Learn more and join HERE. Need support in joining? Reach out to us at
  • Decide on your venue. This event will be webcast live over Zoom through a single-use link. Please ensure that the location you choose has reliable internet.
  • Set your schedule.  The webcast is scheduled live from 1:00pm to 4:00pm ET.  Consider adding time before or after to host a community conversation.
  • Decide if you want to offer CEs to your participants. The NACG will manage this process, and you will help your attendees navigate it. More details on this are below.
  • Decide if you will have attendees register and, if so, how you will manage it. There are some free options, such as Eventbrite).
  • Decide if you wish to charge a fee to attendees. You can consider local sponsorship to underwrite the event also.
  • Gather supplies. Participants will need access to pencils and colored pencils, print the participant worksheets (these will be linked here before the event and will be emailed out to registrants once available), consider what snacks, or drinks you would like to provide.

Important Hosting Information and Handouts:



  • Market extensively to your population.
    • Edit the event poster with your logo and specific event details. Get it on Canva here →
    • Edit the event social posts with your logo and specific event details. Get it on Canva here →
      • Sample post text: Join us for the upcoming NACG National Conference and Webcast on “The Multiverse of Grief: A Multicultural and Expressive Arts Approach to being in relationship with diverse grief narratives” presented by Adam D-F. Stevens, MA, RDT. Attendees will engage with the interactive webcast and learn with a community of like-minded, grief-focused professionals. To register, visit [INSERT REGISTRATION LINK HERE].
    • Edit event press release and share with local media contacts. Get it on Canva here →
    • Consider the potential community members, agencies, and organizations and invite them to join you. Examples include after-school providers, funeral homes, school divisions, therapists, counselors, and university departments.


For more information, view our National Conference & Webcast Host Support Guide →